Notice for Enforcing Prerequisites for ECE 3075, Fall 2002

The course catalog lists ECE 2025 “Introduction to Signal Processing” and ISyE 3770 “Statistics with Applications” as pre-requisites for ECE 3075 “Random Signals”. These pre-requisites are enforced during the registration process. You cannot take ECE 2025 or ISyE 3770 along with ECE 3075. I will not be issuing any prerequisite override. Please contact the ECE Academic Office if you have any further question (see notice below).

All prerequisite overrides must be entered by the ECE Academic Office before a student may register for the course. Overrides will be issued in the following circumstances:

  • student completed the equivalent course under quarters
  • student completed a comparable course at another institution, but it did not transfer as an exact match
  • graduate student, with appropriate undergraduate background

Students needing a prerequisite override, who qualify under one of the above exceptions, should be sent to the ECE Academic Office (W-208 Van Leer) to see one of the academic advisors.

Prerequisite overrides will not be issued to individual students on the basis of a faculty member’s statement that a particular prerequisite “isn’t that important” or that a student “probably can get by without it.” If the prerequisites for a course do not properly reflect the expected preparation, then those prerequisites need to be modified so that they can be applied consistently to all students. Modification of prerequisites requires approval of the ECE Undergraduate Committee, based on a request from the relevant TIG.

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