GLOBECOM 2002 – Call for Papers

Taipei, TAIWAN, November 17-21, 2002

Signal Processing and Coding for Storage

**(submit papers to Communication Theory Symposium) **


This session will cover signal processing and coding techniques for magnetic, magneto-optic and optical storage systems, including disk and tape channels. Suggested topics for original technical papers include:

  • Channel characterization and modeling, including media noise and non-linearities
  • Detection methods, including sequence detection, partial response and decision feedback
  • Equalization and filtering, including non-linear techniques
  • Modulation and run-length limited codes, trellis coding and equalization
  • Error-correction codes and turbo codes applied to storage systems
  • Read/write channel integrated circuits
  • Signal processing for optical storage systems: holographic, near-field, multi-level, phase change, MO, CD, DVD
  • Coding bounds and channel capacity
  • Storage density and read/write data rate: limitations and issues surrounding head/media/preamplifier/channel/servo/host interface
  • Write pre-compensation and write equalization
  • Timing and gain recovery
  • Signal processing for servo: spin control, actuator, demodulation, and Gray code detection
  • Cost versus performance issues surrounding design of signal processing systems for storage
  • Special issues surrounding signal processing and coding for removable storage devices

Prospective authors are encouraged to submit papers for this session following the normal submission guidelines (see accompanying GLOBECOM 2002 Call for Papers). The initial submission deadline is February 25, 2002 In addition to sending manuscripts as specified in the ‘GLOBECOM 2002 Electronic Submission Instructions‘, please send one copy of the paper to the session organizer listed below. Please make a note on the title page that the paper is intended for the ‘Signal Processing and Coding for Storage’ session. Only electronic submissions will be accepted, but please make sure that a physical copy is sent to the session organizer. Please include your email as all correspondence will be conducted via email.

Please visit the web-site of the Signal Processing for Storage Technical Committee for further information on GLOBECOM 2002 and Signal Processing for Storage at IEEE.

Steven W. McLaughlin
School of Electrical and Computer Engineering
Georgia Institute of Technology
Atlanta, GA 30332-0250