Table of Contents: July 1997 IEEE Transactions on Information Theory

Table of Contents:

July 1997

IEEE Transactions on Information Theory


Regular Papers


  • E. Yang and J. Kieffer On the Redundancy of the Fixed Database Lempel-Ziv Algorithm for ¿-mixing Sources
  • J. Ziv and N. Merhav On the Amount of Statistical Side Information Required for Lossy Data Compression
  • A. Nobel Recursive Partitioning to Reduce Distortion
  • R.L. Frost and M.F. Larsen Complexity – Constrained Trellis Quantizers
  • T. S. Han An Information-Spectrum Approach to Source Coding Theorems with a Fidelity Criterion
  • J. Takeuchi Characterization of the Bayes Estimator and the MDL Estimator for Exponential Families
  • J. Balcazar, R. Gavalda, and H. Siegelmann Computaional Power of Neural Networks: A Characterization in Terms of Kolmogorov Complexity
  • S. Efromovich Robust and Efficient Recovery of a Signal Passed Through a Filter and Contaminated by Non-Gaussian Noise
  • R. Gustafsson, O. Hossjer, and T. Oberg Adaptive Detection of Known Signals in Additive Noise by means of Kernel D
  • F. W. Sun and H Leib Optimal Phases for a Family of Quadriphase CDMA Sequences
  • A. Bonnecaze and I.M. Duursma Translates of Linear Codes Over Z4
  • R.J. Zuccherto and S.A. Vanstone Elliptic Curve Cryptosystems Using Curves of Smooth Order Over the Ring Zn
  • I. Krasikov and S. Litsyn Linear programming bounds for doubly-even self-dual codes

    Correspondence Papers

  • R. Ahlswede and N. Cai Correlated Sources Help the Transmission Over AVC
  • A. Mckellips and S. Verdu Worst-Case Additive Noise for Binary-Input Channels and Zero-Threshold Detection Under Constraints of Power and Divergence
  • H. Li and Q. Cheng Almost Sure Convergence Analysis of Mixed Time Averages and Kth-Order Cyclic Statistics
  • H-C. Wang and W-H. Sheen Performance Analysis of the Biased Square-Law Sequential Detection with Signal Present
  • B. Picinbono Ergodicity and Fourth-Order Spectral Moments
  • D. Haussler A General Minimax Result for Relative Entropy
  • P. F. Swaszek and P. Willett A Fact About the Logistic Distribution
  • Y. I. Han and T. Kim Randomized Fusion Rules Can Be Optimal in Distributed Neyman-Pearson Detectors
  • M. C. Pardo and I. Vajda About Distances of Discrete Distributions Satisfying the Data Processing Theorem of Information Theory
  • V. Tarokh and A. Vardy Upper Bounds on Trellis complexity of Lattices
  • M.F. Hole and K.J. Hole Tight Bounds on the Minimum Average Weight per Branch for rate (N-1)/N Convolutional Codes
  • I. E. Bocharova and B. D. Kudryashov Rational Rate Punctured Convolutional Codes for Soft-Decision Viterbi Decoding
  • T. Kaneko, T. Nishijima, and S. Hirasawa, An Improvement of Soft Decision Maximum Likelihood Decoding Algorithm Using Hard-Decision, Bounded Decision Decoding
  • S. Kallel and K. Li Bidirectional Sequential Decoding
  • J. Ashley and B. Marcus A Generalized State Splitting Algorithm
  • I. Kontoyiannis Second-Order Noiseless Source Coding Theorems
  • A. Klapper and M. Goresky Arithmetic Cross-Correlations of FCSR Sequences
  • Y. M. Chee and C. J. Colbourn Constructions for Difference Triangle Sets
  • H. Chen and S. Yau Contribution to Munuera’s Problem on the Main Conjecture of Geometric Hyperelliptic MDS Codes
  • M. van der Vlugt Surfaces and the Weight Distribution of a Family of Codes
  • T. Etzion The Depth Distribution – a New Characterization for Linear Codes
  • Y. Desaki, T. Fujiwara, T. Kasami The Weight Distribution of Extended Binary Primitive BCH Codes of Length 128
  • A. Klapper The Multicovering Radii of Codes
  • T. A. Gulliver and P.R.J. Ostergard Improved Bounds for Ternary Linear Codes of Dimension 7