Table of Contents: January 1997 IEEE Transactions on Information Theory

Table of Contents: January 1997 IEEE Transactions on Information Theory

Table of Contents:

March 1997

IEEE Transactions on Information Theory

Regular Papers


  • O.E. Agazzi and N. Seshadri On the use of tentative decisions to cancel ISI and nonlinear distortion (with applications to magnetic recording channels) 
  • D. Yellin, A. Vardy, and O. Amrani Joint equalization and coding for ISI channels 
  • T.J. Willink and P.H. Wittke Optimization and performance evaluationof multicarrier modulation 
  • B.F. Uchoa Filho and M.A. Herro Good convolutional codes for the precoded (1-D)(1+D)^n partial response channel 
  • H. Lee and C.Weber Multiple symbol trellis coded modulation scheme applied to noncoherent full response continuous phase frequency shift keying 
  • K. Dogancay and R.A. Kennedy Blind detection of equalization errors in communication systems 
  • G. Morvai, S. Yakowitz, and P. Algoet Weakly convergent nonparametric forecasting for stationary time series 
  • H. Pezeshki-Esfahani and A.J. Heunis Strong diffusion approximations for recursive stochastic algorithms 
  • A. A. Zerai and J.A. Bucklew Poisson approximation for excursions of adaptive algorithms with a lattice state space 
  • S.R. Blackburn Fast rational interpolation, Reed-Solomon decoding and the linear complexity profiles of sequences 
  • T. Helleseth, T. Kloeve, and V. Levenstein On the information function of an error correcting code 
  • S. Shamai (Shitz), Y. Kofman, and E. Zehavi nd-Convolutional Codes – Part 1: Performance Analysis 
  • Y. Kofman, E. Zehavi, and S. Shamai (Shitz) nd-Convolutional Codes – Part 2: Structural Analysis 
  • J. Rifa and J. Pujol Translation invariant propelinear codes 
  • T.S. Han and M. Hoshi Interval Algorithm for Random Number Generation 
  • T. Linder, G. Lugosi and K. Zeger Empirical Quantizer Design in the Presence of Source Noise or Channel Noise 
  • K. L. Bell, Y. Steinberg, Y. Ephraim and H. L. Van Trees Extended Ziv-Zakai Lower Bound for Vector Parameter Estimation 
  • X. Wu Optimal binary VQ via emumeration of covering codes 
  • Q. Xie and A. Barron Minimax redundancy for the class of memoryless sources 
  • S.A. Sevari and R.G. Gallager Generalized Tunsall codes for source with memory 
  • R. Ahlswede, T.S. Han, and K. Kobayashi Universal coding of integers and unbounded search trees 
  • M.R. Titchener The synchronization of variable length codes 

    Correspondence Papers

  • J.-C. Batllo and V. Vaishampayan Asymptotic performance of multiple description transform codes 
  • L. Wilelmson and K.Sh. Zigangirov On uncoordinated transmission over the T-user q-ary noiseless multiple access channel 
  • M. van Dijk On a special class of broadcast channels with confidential messages 
  • S. W. McLaughlin and A. S. Khayrallah Shaping Codes Constructed From Cost Constrained Graphs 
  • S. W. McLaughlin The Construction of M-ary (d,60) Codes that Achieve Capacity and Have the Fewest Number of Encoder States 
  • E.K. Englund and A.I. Hansson Constructive codes with unequal error protection 
  • H. C. Ferreira, W. A. Clarke, A. S. J. Helberg, K. A. S. Abdel-Ghaffar and A. J. Han Vinck Insertion/Deletion Correction with Spectral Nulls 
  • T. Li-zheng, S.C. Boob, and E.Gunawan A note on the q-ary image of q^m-ary repeated-root cyclic code 
  • M. Wang and I.F. Blake Normal basis of the finite field F2 over F2 


  • K. Huber Codes over tori 
  • E. Baccarelli, R. Cusani, and S. Galli Novel Analytical Performance Bounds for Symbol-by-Symbol Decoding of Digital Data Impaired by ISI and AWGN 
  • C.-E. D. Sterian Wei-type trellis coded modulation with 2N-D rectangular constellations for N not a power of two 
  • T. M. Duman and M. Salehi Optimal Quantization for Finite State Channels 
  • N. Merhav On List Size Exponents in Rate-Distortion Coding 
  • I.V. Nikiforov Two strategies in the problem of change detection and isolation 
  • E. Masry Polynomial interpolation and prediction of continuous-time processes from random samples 
  • H.-K. Hwang Optimal algorithms for inserting a random element into a random heap 
  • L. Linzhang and W. Sun The Minimal Eigenvalues of a Class of Block Tridiagonal Matrices