Table of Contents: May 1997 IEEE Transactions on Information Theory

Table of Contents:

May 1997

IEEE Transactions on Information Theory


Regular Papers

  • B. Hughes, The smallest list for the arbitrarily varying channel
  • K. Kobayashi, The Kolmogorov complexity, the universal distribution and the coding theorem with generalized length functions
  • H. Yamamoto, Rate-distortion theory for the Shannon cipher system
  • S. Shamai and S. Verdu, The empirical distribution of good codes
  • S. Verdu and T. S. Han, The Role of the AEP in Noiseless Source Coding
  • H. V. Poor and S. Verdu, Probability of Error in MMSE Multiuser Detection
  • A. Nemirovski and A. Goldenshluger, Adaptive De-Noising of Signals Satisfying Differential Inequalities
  • N. Beaulieu and W. Choy, Improved Bounds for Error Recovery Times of Decision Feedback Equalization
  • K. Blackmore, R. C. Williamson, and I. M.Y. Mareels, Decision Region approximation by Polynomials or Neural Networks
  • J. Francos, Bounds on the accuracy of estimating the parameters of discrete homgeneous random fileds with mixed spectral distributions
  • L. Georgiadis, W. Szpankowski, and L. Tassiulas, Stability Analysis of Quota Allocation Access Protocols in Ring Networks with Spatial Reuse
  • X. Giraud, E. Boutillon, and J. C. Belfiore, Algebraic tools to build modulation schemes for fading channels
  • J. Bierbrauer and Y. Edel, New code parameters from Reed-Solomon subfiled codes
  • A. Bonnecaze, P. Sole, C. Bachoc, and B. Mourrain, Quaternary type II codes
  • A.R. Calderbank, W.W. Li, and B. Poonen, A 2-adic approach to the analysis of cyclic codes

    Correspondence Papers

  • Krasikov and S. Litsyn, Estimates for the range of binomiality on codes’ spectra
  • Y. Edel and J. Bierbrauer, Lengthening the Gilbert-Varshimov bound
  • T. Uyematsu and E. Okamoto, A construction of codes with exponential error bounds on arbitrary DMCs
  • J. Hamkins and K. Zeger, Improved bounds on maximum size binary radar arrays
  • W.H. Mow and S.Y. Li, Aperiodic autocorrelation and crosscorrelation of polyphase sequences
  • G. Gong, A new class of nonlinear PN sequences over GF(q)
  • J.C. Interlando, R. Palazzo, and M. Elia, On the decoding of Reed-Solomon and BCH codes over integer residue rings
  • V. Tonchev, Binary codes derived from the Hoffman-Singleton and and Higman-Sims Graphs
  • X. Hou, On the Norm and Covering Radius of the First Order Reed-Muller Codes
  • M.P.C. Fossorier and S. Lin, Weight distribution for closest coset decoding of |u|u+v| constructed codes
  • H. Moorthy, S. Lin, and T. Kasami, Soft decision decoding of binary linear block codes based on an iterative search algorithm
  • M. Esmaeili, T. A. Gulliver, and N. P. Secord, Quasi-Cyclic Structure of Reed-Muller Codes and Their Smallest Regular Trellis Diagram
  • M.F. H¿le and K.J. H¿le, Low complexity decoding of partial unit memory codes on precoded partial response channels C
  • J.R. Roche, R.W. Yeung, and K.P. Hau, Symmetrical diversity coding
  • Y. Yu and S. Chang, Coding scheme for synchronous CDMA systems
  • L. Tassiulas, Scheduling and performance limits of networks with constantly changing topology
  • T. Constantinescu, A.H. Sayed, and T. Kailath, Displacement structure and maximum entropy
  • Z. Fabian, Information and entropy of continuous distributions
  • I. Reuven and H. Messer, A Barankin-Type Lower Bound on the Estimation Error of a Hybrid Parameter Vector
  • D. Fuhrmann, Correction to “On the existence of Positive Definite Maximum Likelihood Estimates of Structured Covariance Matrices”””