Table of Contents: September 1997 IEEE Transactions on Information Theory

Table of Contents:

May 1997

IEEE Transactions on Information Theory


Regular Papers


  • K.A.S. Immink A Practical Method for Approaching the Channel Capacity of Constrained Channels
  • C.P.M.J. Baggen and L.M.G.M. Tolhuizen On Diamond Codes
  • B. Hochwald and K. Zeger Tradeoff between Source and Channel Coding
  • R.M. Roth Probabilistic Crisscross Error Correction
  • T. Luczak and W. Szpankowski A Suboptimal Lossy Data Compression Based on Approximate Pattern Matching
  • A.J. Wyner The Redundancy and Distribution of the Phrase Lengths of the Fixed-Database Lempel-Ziv Algorithm
  • E. Yang, Z. Zhang, and T. Berger Fixed-slope Universal Lossy Data Compression
  • N. Kamiya An Acceptance Criterion for Efficient Successive Error-and-Erasures Decoding of Reed-Solomon Codes
  • K. A. S. Abdel-Ghaffar A Lower Bound on the Undetected Error Probability and Strictly Optimal Codes
  • Jinn-ja Chang, Der-June Hwang, and Mao-Chao Lin Some Extended Results on the Search for Good Convolutional Codes
  • E. Biglieri, J. Venteratraveset, G. Caire, and G. Taricco A Multiuser Approach to Narrowband Cellular Communications
  • L. Georgiadis, R. Guerin, and A. K. Parekh Optimal Multiplexing on a Single Link: Delay and Buffer Requirements
  • L.K. Hansen and G. Xu A Hyperplane-Based Algorithm for the Digital Co-Channel Communication Problem
  • H. Viswanathan and T. Berger The Quadratic Gaussian CEO Problem
  • J. M. F. Moura and S. Goswami Gauss Mark of Random Fields with Continuous Indices
  • Y. Sun Stochastic Iterative Algorithms for Algorithms for Signal Design for Gaussian Channels and the Optimality of the L2 Signal Set

    Correspondence Papers

  • J. L. Walker The Nordstrom-Robinson Code is Algebraic Geometric
  • S. Kopomen and J. Lahtonen On the Aperiodic and Odd Corelations of the Binary Shanhag-Kumar-Helleseth Sequences
  • J.-S. No, K. Yang, H. Chung, and H.-Y. Song New Construction for Families of Binary Sequences with Optimal Correlation Properties
  • E. Petrank and R. M. Roth Is Code Equivalence Easy to Decide?
  • L.M.G.M. Tolhuizen The Generalized Gilbert-Varshamov Bound is Implied by Turan’s Theorm
  • S. Buyuklieva New External Self-Dual Codes of Lengths 42 and 44
  • W.C. Huffman Characterization of Quaternary External Codes of Lengths 18 and 20
  • G.D. Cohen, S. Litsyn, and P. Sole Long Packing and Covering Codes
  • S. Al-Bassam, R. Venkatesan, and Sultan Al-Muhammadi New Single Asymmetrix Error Correcting Codes
  • K.J. Nurmela, M.K. Kaikkonen, and P.R.J. 卻terg宺d New Constant Weight Codes from Linear Purmuation Groups
  • M. Svanstrom A Lower Bound for Ternary Constant Weight Codes
  • T.A. Gulliver Improvements to the Bounds on Optimal Ternary Linear Codes of Dimension 6
  • A.A. Davydov Constructions of Nonlinear Covering Codes
  • R. N. Daskalov and T.A. Gulliver New Good Quasi-Cyclic Ternary and Quaternary Linear Codes
  • T. Hashimoto and M. Taguchi Performance of Explicit Error-Detection and Threshold Decision in Decoding with Erasure
  • Y.S. Han and C.R.P. Hartmann The Zero-Guards Algorithm for General Minimum Distance Decoding Problem
  • L. Huynh and A. Moffat A Probability-Ratio Approach to Approximate Binary Arithmetic Coding
  • S. Lin and M. Fossorier Some Decomposable Codes: the |a+x|b+x|a+b+x| Construction
  • M.P.C. Fossorier and S. Lin Complementary Reliability-Based Decoding of Binary Linear Block Codes
  • H.D.L. Hollmann On an Approximate Eigen Vector Associated with a Modulation Code
  • L. Wei, T. Aulin, and H. Qi On the Effect of Truncation Length on the Exact Performance of a Convolutional Code
  • R. Dodunekova and S. M. Dodunekova Sufficient Conditions for Good and Proper Error Detection Codes
  • M. J. Weinberger and G. Seroussi Sequential Prediction and Ranking in Universal Context Modeling and Data Compression
  • N. Merhav How Many Information Bits Does a Decoder Need About the Channel Statistics
  • M.M. Milosavljevic and M.R. Dostanic On Generalized Stable Nonuniform Sampling Expansions Involving Derivatives
  • A.I. Zayed and A.G. Garcia Nonuniform Sampling of Bandlimited Signals with Polynomial Growth on the Real Axis
  • P.L. Bartlett, S.R. Kulkarni, and S.E. Posner Covering Numbers for Real-Valued Function Classes
  • A.J. Grant and C. Schlegel Collision-Type Multiple User Communications
  • H. Herzberg On the Spectrum of Distances of a Multilevel Code, Decoded by a Multistage Decoder
  • X-M. Zhang and Y. Zheng Cryptographically Resilent Functions